I am originally from Nebraska currently residing in UT. My food obsession did not start until about 4 years ago and I am always the person friends and family go to for guidance on restaurants. It finally occurred to me that starting a blog centered around my love for food and travel had to come into fruition. I have a little pup named polo who also eats some of the left overs I bring home. He’s consumed all the meats, veggies and fruits that other dogs could only dream of! I am constantly seeking more information about food, I read a myriad of articles about restaurants and chefs from all over the world.

Food is what keeps us ALIVE and what kind of life are we living without consuming the best offerings of food! I believe we all have different perspectives on food however when I tell people that I’m a die hard foodie they view my indulgences from a 1 dimensional view and I’m more of a 3 dimensional foodie of sorts if that makes sense. I want to share the food I consume during my travels and feature the chefs/cooks from prospective restaurants, food trucks and cafes.